Download watchOS 6 Beta Without Developer Account on Apple Watch

Download watchOS 6 Beta Without Developer Account

Looking to download watchOS 6 beta without developer account on your Apple Watch? Then you have come to the right place at the right time.

Just like last year and the year before it, there isn’t going to be a public beta version of watchOS 6. This means that if you want a taste of the software then you either have to wait for the final release (due this fall) or grab hold of the installation profile straight from Apple’s Developer Program website, install it on your iPhone and then take watchOS 6 beta 1 for a spin. The latter seems like a feasible option for you because that’s why you’re here. But wait, an Apple Developer Program subscription costs $99! Don’t worry, you can skip that entirely.

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Before you go ahead, keep one thing in mind and it should be made absolutely clear at this point: this is a move that is not sanctioned by Apple in any case. watchOS 6 public beta won’t be available for anyone because it is highly unstable and can cause an Apple Watch to go completely berserk at times, rendering it unusable. In fact, last year, Apple even pulled the watchOS 5 beta for a while due to some issues. If you completely understand all these problems that may arise, then go ahead with downloading watchOS 6 beta 1 on your Apple Watch without a developer account. We will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

One more thing: once you download watchOS 6 beta without developer account, you can’t downgrade back to watchOS 5 even if you wanted to. There is no option available at this point which will allow you to downgrade straight back to watchOS 5.

Note: Place your Apple Watch on its charger before going ahead. Also make sure that you are connected to a stable WiFi network. Take things up a notch by leaving your iPhone connected to a power outlet as well.

  • You must have iOS 13 beta 1 installed on your iPhone in order to download watchOS 6 beta without Developer Account. Head over to this link, download iOS 13 beta and return back here.
  • Assuming you are done installing iOS 13 beta, now download this profile straight onto your iPhone. You will be asked whether you need to install the profile on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Choose Apple Watch.
  • If you are asked to restart your iPhone or Apple Watch at this point, then please do so and continue to follow the rest of the guide posted below.
  • Once booted back up, launch the Watch app on the iPhone then navigate to General > Software Update. The watchOS 6 beta should show up after a few seconds. Tap on Download and Install.

The entire download and installation process may take a while so don’t panic. Just make sure that you do not touch your iPhone or Apple Watch. Once you here the ding chime from your Apple Watch, it means that the installation is complete and you can start using it as you normally would.

In order to keep things as sane as possible, I will highly recommend not installing too many third-party apps on the Apple Watch. This may cause crashes since pretty much every app is not compatible with the first ever beta of watchOS 6 as well as iOS 13.

Buy hey, you took the risk and you are running watchOS 6 beta, a move which many aren’t going to pull off until later this year in the fall.

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