iPod Nano-Inspired iPhone 6 Concept Design Looks Like a LumiaPhone

Mar 27, 2014

Previous year saw some leaks about Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c and helped designers predict the products. While iPhone 5c was hinted that Apple was working on a Nano inspired design and would bring colors to the usual grey hues of Apple's flagship smartphone. 2014 has yet to get any solid iPhone 6 leaks.

The larger sized iPhone 6 is hence all on the creativity of the designers to predict. We have already seen a rather contemporary design on an Air-inspired iPhone 6 along with the other contenders. Another concept artist Martin Hajek has gone beyond the Nano colors and is thinking about a Nano-inspired design for iPhone 6. This concept iPhone 6 looks much like an oversized iPod nano.

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Nano-inspired concept iPhone 6:

Martin Hajek's nano-inspired concept iPhone 6 is in line with the usual Apple iPhone design: iconic iOS and proprietary Touch ID button. The design has become boxy much like that of Nokia Lumia series ditching Apple's usual curved form. iphone6concept-nano1

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The concept iPhone 6 shows the larger size as already been predicted. Apple is expected this year to increase the dimensions of the iPhone. The current 4-inch model is supposedly turning into a 4.7-inch or a whopping 5.5 inches display. We also saw iPhone 6 leaks suggesting that the company may be working on two larger models for this year's launch. However, chances are that Apple will only release 4.7-inch variant and would keep further screen size growth for next year.concept iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 may also feature a Sapphire glass display, a faster A8 processing chip, and further improvements in the camera are also highly likely. The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to launch later this year with the release of iOS 8.

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