iPod Nano-Inspired iPhone 6 Concept Design Looks Like a LumiaPhone

Previous year saw some leaks about Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c and helped designers predict the products. While iPhone 5c was hinted that Apple was working on a Nano inspired design and would bring colors to the usual grey hues of Apple's flagship smartphone. 2014 has yet to get any solid iPhone 6 leaks.

The larger sized iPhone 6 is hence all on the creativity of the designers to predict. We have already seen a rather contemporary design on an Air-inspired iPhone 6 along with the other contenders. Another concept artist Martin Hajek has gone beyond the Nano colors and is thinking about a Nano-inspired design for iPhone 6. This concept iPhone 6 looks much like an oversized iPod nano.

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Nano-inspired concept iPhone 6:

Martin Hajek's nano-inspired concept iPhone 6 is in line with the usual Apple iPhone design: iconic iOS and proprietary Touch ID button. The design has become boxy much like that of Nokia Lumia series ditching Apple's usual curved form. iphone6concept-nano1

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The concept iPhone 6 shows the larger size as already been predicted. Apple is expected this year to increase the dimensions of the iPhone. The current 4-inch model is supposedly turning into a 4.7-inch or a whopping 5.5 inches display. We also saw iPhone 6 leaks suggesting that the company may be working on two larger models for this year's launch. However, chances are that Apple will only release 4.7-inch variant and would keep further screen size growth for next year.concept iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 may also feature a Sapphire glass display, a faster A8 processing chip, and further improvements in the camera are also highly likely. The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to launch later this year with the release of iOS 8.

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