iPhone 6 latest: Supplier Rumors about Optical Image Stabilization

Recent rumors suggest that Apple's upcoming flagship, iPhone 6, could come with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). These rumors come from supplier of OIS, InvenSense. Last week, InvenSense shares rose after rumors of the company having a deal signed with Apple to produce iPhone 6 OIS modules for its upcoming flagship.

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iPhone 6 OIS:

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps in stabilizing the image by taking photos in quick succession and combining them to minimize motion. OIS stabilizes an still image and tries to avoid blur; with video recording, it removes shaking effects, thus affecting the overall camera quality. Previously, smartphones have used digital stabilization accelerometers where software adjusts the image to avoid blur effects. iPhone 6 OIS

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InvenSense supplies sensors such accelerometeres and gyroscopes to major tech manufacturers. While executives from InvenSense are denying any such iPhone 6 OIS contract, it is understandable the company would be under an strict non disclosure agreement to share any such details publicly. iPhone 6 OIS invensense

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A lot of rumors are strongly indicating that InvenSense is actually in contract with Apple to supply OIS gyroscope to Apple for the iPhone 6. Here is a snippet about the iPhone 6 OIS rumors:

There’s one additional socket that InvenSense could win on the iPhone — an OIS gyroscope. The burgeoning technology is used to improve smartphone camera’s by stabilizing the image using a gyroscope. Samsung neglected to use the technology in the Galaxy S5, but Apple may decide to integrate it into the iPhone 6. If it does, InvenSense is a clear choice.

While the credibility and authenticity of this iPhone 6 OIS leak is debatable, it is quite expected that Apple might up its game in terms of camera with its upcoming flagship. Other smartphones such as Nokia’s Lumia 920 and HTC's HTC One are among the first smartphones to come with OIS modules and have been gaining accolades for immaculate photography.

Source: iPhonehacks

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