iPhone 12 Shipments Cross 100 Million Milestone in Seven Months, Equaling Long-Standing Record Held by iPhone 6 Launch


It has been nearly seven years since Apple introduced the record-sealing launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and only now has the company’s iPhone 12 series equaled the feat of the previous two models by reaching a new shipment milestone. According to the latest data, Apple’s flagship phone offerings have crossed 100 million in global shipment units in just seven months, with the figure matching the record held many years prior.

Record Achieved by iPhone 12 Series Took the iPhone 11 Family Two Additional Months to Reach

The latest data from Counterpoint Research highlights that multiple upgrades belonging to the iPhone 12 series resulted in its popularity. The research also shows that the average selling price of Apple’s iPhones is at an all-time high, suggesting that the iPhone 12 family supercycle will also result trigger a revenue super-cycle that the company is expected to break every year.

Apple Sent a 36-kg Repair Kit for Just an iPhone Mini

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest selling point would have had to be the bigger displays. With the iPhone 12 line, you get a 5G modem, better performing and more power-efficient chipset, bigger screens, improved cameras, and more. The trade-offs included the lack of charger and headphones, but looking at the 100 million shipments record, it does not look like those were deal breakers.

Counterpoint Research also states that customer preference has changed between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series launch. With the latest ones, the largest model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was preferred, and it accumulated a 29 percent market share, compared to the 25 percent market share garnered by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max starting at $1,099, a higher number of shipments for this model meant increased revenue for the company, contributing to the revenue super cycle.

For now, it is unclear if the iPhone 12 family will continue this winning streak, as Apple will reportedly launch four new iPhone 13 models during the third week of September. The expected launch may happen several weeks before Apple unveiled the current-generation models in 2020 due to the global health crises. While an earlier iPhone 13 launch could result in customer interest waning for the iPhone 12 series, we will continue to update our readers on how well Apple is doing, so stay tuned.

News Source: Counterpoint Research