Bag Apple’s Official Smart Keyboard for iPad 7 and iPad Air for Just $99 [Save $60]

Uzair Ghani
Official Smart Keyboard accessory from Apple for iPad available for $99

This is not a prank. Apple’s official Smart Keyboard accessory for iPad 7 and iPad Air is currently available for just $99, saving you $60 instantly.

Apple’s Smart Keyboard for iPad and iPad Air Currently Available for $99

We told you about an amazing deal on the iPad 7 just a few minutes ago. How about we take things up a notch and pair your brand new purchase with the official Smart Keyboard accessory for that very same iPad? Let’s do it, and that too for just $99.

You can pick up one of many keyboard cases available for the iPad but nothing compares to the official thing. It fits like a glove, types away like a charm, and gives you the bragging rights which no other case can. But without any surprise, it will cost you a lot of money. Thankfully, it seems as though Apple is feeling way too generous today and offering everyone a chance with the keyboard by bringing the price significantly down on its Amazon store front.

Smart Keyboard lets you write a term paper or create a presentation on a full-size keyboard whenever you need one.
It connects easily without the need for pairing or charging, so it’s always ready to go.
And when you’re done, it folds to create a slim, lightweight cover.
Compatibility: iPad (7th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), or 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Since this keyboard relies on the Smart Connector to pair and work with your iPad therefore you don’t have to worry about charging batteries. As long as your iPad is juiced up, the keyboard will simply work. It’s that simple.

Whenever you are done typing away on the keyboard you can simply fold it away or yank it off from your iPad.

Buy Apple Smart Keyboard (for iPad - 7th Generation and iPad Air - 3rd Generation) - US English - Was $159, now just $99

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