Save $20 on a Brand New Nest Wifi Router, Pay Just $149 Today

Uzair Ghani
Grab a Nest Wifi router for just $149 today, save $20

Treat yourself to a brand new Nest Wifi router for just $149 while saving $20 in the process. Normally this router sells for around $169 on its own.

Upgrade Your Home Wi-Fi to Something More Reliable and Powerful for Just $149 - Save $20 on a Brand New Nest Wifi Router

Nest Wifi, the successor to the famous Google Wifi, is a significant upgrade especially in the speed department. If your current home Wi-Fi setup is showing its age and you are swarmed with buffering, then you can definitely benefit from what Nest Wifi has to offer. And right now, you can save $20 on it, too.

A single Nest Wifi router might not sound like much, but this piece of hardware alone can cover up to 2,200 square feet in your house, getting rid of lots of Wi-Fi dead-zones once it is up and running. On the speed front, you can expect a total throughput of 2200Mbps which is quite a lot.

Probably the best thing about Nest Wifi is the fact how intelligent it is. Rather than just sitting in a corner and providing you with some sort of internet experience, the router goes a mile further and makes sure there is no network congestion at all. It will intelligently assign you the fastest possible lane, ensuring your video calls, YouTube streams or web browsing are as fast as possible.

Last but not the least, you can add more Nest Wifi points to your existing router to create a mesh network.

Buy Google Nest WiFi Router (2nd Generation) – 4x4 AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Router with 2200 Sq Ft Coverage - Was $169, now just $149

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