MultitaskingGestures: One of the Coolest iOS 7 Multitasking Jailbreak Tweak

Rafia Shaikh

Developed by Hamza Sood, MultitaskingGestures is one of the few awesome iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweaks. This tweak is very much like the favorite Zephyr multitasking tweak, which is unfortunately not yet updated for iOS 7. Don't keep waiting for Zephyr iOS 7 as its update doesn't seem to be in sight. Multitasking is the perfect alternative for those of us on iOS 7 JB devices!iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak

Perfect iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak:

Once you install the MultitaskingGestures iOS 7 JB tweak, you can customize the tweak from its settings page right according to how you want the gestures.

Here is what MultitaskingGestures iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak lets you do:

- MultitaskingGestures iOS 7 has a very helpful gesture that allows you to switch between apps by swiping from left or right of the screen. Just what you do to go back to the page. To use iOS 7 native gesture of going back, you can tap and hold and then swipe from left to right or right to left to go back to the previous or next page, respectively.

- MultitaskingGestures adds three fingers based gestures increasing the options. You can close an app by pinching with three-fingers.iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak

-  With three fingers gesture in this iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak, you can also access the app switcher by swiping up with three-fingers.

- Just like how you get access to Control Center with iOS 7 gesture, you can now close any app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Very helpful gesture to replace the rather lengthy process of card based app switcher. Oh, you must be worried about accessing Control Center? MultitaskingGestures iOS 7 JB tweak has added a new tab in Notification Center (read: Color up iOS Notification Banner with this Little iOS 7 JB Tweak) which shows you the Control Center. This tab actually replaces the "Missed" tab of Notification center.

The MultitaskingGestures iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak is not yet compatible with iPad. You can get this wonderful tweak from Cydia for $1.5.

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