4.7 Inch iPhone 7 To Get OIS As Apple Allegedly Switches To LG After Kumamoto Earthquake

With four months left until we get to see the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus launched by Apple, news surrounding Cupertino's upcoming flagship smartphones has started to speed up. We've got quite a fair idea of what to expect on the devices, with the larger iPhone expected to come with a highly talked about dual camera module as well. To that end, some more information has surfaced about this module today, so lets take a look at how things have been progressing over at Apple.

Apple Switching Over To LG For iPhone 7 Camera Modules As Sony Struggles To Cater Demand

When it comes to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Pro, one thing is for sure. Apple's got some great camera upgrades headed our way, which start from a dual camera approach on the larger iPhone 7 Plus. Cupertino's known to take its time when adopting mass market, Android features on the iPhone, waiting to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible. That being said, the rumor mill sounds confident that we'll be getting a dual camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus and today, looks like Apple might have run into a couple of supplier issues.

According to folks over at Nomura securities the recent Kumamoto earthquake in Japan has left Sony unable to meet Apple's demand schedule and volume so we should expect LG to play a greater role for the iPhone. The Korean manufacturer launched its G5 earlier this year with a dual camera module as well, so when it comes to quality, it isn't behind anyone either.


That being said, now we're also hearing some good news about the camera module on the smaller, 4.7 inch iPhone 7. While the device won't be getting a dual camera module like its larger cousin, we should now expect Optical Image Stabilization to make on the device. This should undoubtedly add a great amount to its camera performance and should ensure that consumer still retain interest in the smartphone. Prior to the iPhone 7, only the larger iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6 Plus came with OIS, but as Apple gets ready to introduce a dual camera in the mix, such an upgrade is natural.

Other features on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus include an all new design with changed positions for the antenna bands and a smart connector for the larger variant. This should greatly enhance its functionality and features and should provide a nice substitute for all those folks who aren't looking to invest in a tablet. There's still a lot of time left until both the devices get to see the light of day, so nothing's set in stone. But we're hopeful Apple will make some good changes this time around.

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