iPhone 7 Plus Will Feature 3GB Of LPDDR4 RAM? That’s A Mouthful

Omar Sohail
iPhone 7 Plus Will Feature 3GB Of LPDDR4 RAM? That’s A Mouthful

iPhone 7 Plus, or iPhone 7 Pro (depending on what you want to call it) definitely sounds like a beast of an iPhone, and the latest rumor will probably sum up that the device is going to be mobile computing marvel when it comes to hardware.

With 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM And Dual-Camera Image Processor, A Lot Of Things Can Happen With iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus has also been rumored to feature a dual-camera image processor, and from what we have seen from dual-image camera sensors, they can definitely do wonders to significantly improve the image quality. For example, when we reported that when you are engaged in capturing a video or a photo, users will be able to view the transition between both lenses seamlessly, tapping on a spot in the photo to zoom in with a second lens.

Afterwards Apple’s cleverly designed system would work similarly to digital zoom does today. There will be one advantage to using this particular software; since users will be busy using a lens with a longer focal length instead of zooming in through software, it will result in no loss of detail when you zoom into the image.

Additionally, we also have high hopes from iPhone 7 Plus since it is expected that the upcoming phone will feature a touch-sensitive home button, along with a waterproof chassis. The last time a feature like this was reported, details were extremely scarce, other than the fact that there was going to be a rubber seal present at the outline of the smartphone body in order to prevent water from seeping, which is kind of like what you see in GoPro waterproof housings.

One huge upgrade that we are expecting from an iPhone 7 is that is expected to come with a 3,100mAh battery, which is huge even by Apple standards, along with an on-board storage increased to 256GB. We expect that 256GB will be nice little upgrade for those who have capped their 128GB internal memory (for a premium price obviously).

iPhone 7 (5)

iPhone 7 Plus has all the natural benefits to pack in a larger battery capacity, and thanks to a reported ‘bezel-less’ display, both handsets are expected to be even more appealing than their previous generation counterparts. Moreover, the upcoming products are expected to be incorporated with EMI shielding technology.

Let us hope that Apple keeps the pricing of iPhone 7 Plus at the same range as its predecessor, otherwise, we are not too sure how many consumers would be enticed to purchasing the upcoming flagship.


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