iPhone 7 Plus Rear Shell Schematic Leak Confirms Dual Camera, Smart Connector & More


As we near 9 years of the iPhone, leaks about the upcoming smartphone launch from Cupertino have once again started to take place at a daily basis. Based on information so far, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will be expected to come with several upgrades on board. The most talked about feature so far on September's launches from Apple is a dual camera on the larger iPhone 7 Plus, as market interest starts to decline in the flagship smartphone lineup. Today we've managed to get our hands on some more design schematics of the iPhone 7 Plus, so take a look below to find out more about the device.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus Sees Dual Camera Surface Once Again As Leaks Intensify

The iPhone 7 Plus, also being dubbed as the iPhone 7 Pro is expected to be quite different from its predecessor, the iPhone 6s Plus. For starters, the presence of a dual camera module on the device should greatly improve the photographic capabilities of the iPhone lineup, especially since the current iPhones still manage to outperform nearly every device out there when taking pictures.

But while a dual camera might have been getting the majority of media attention these days, Apple's also got some other subtle changes planned as well. The removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus has been rumored for quite a while now and today's schematics, courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer make similar claims as well. Take a look below.


Taking a look at the blueprints above, you'll see that all the features rumored on the larger iPhone are present here. The larger camera cut will host a dual camera sensor which will be developed by Linx technologies. The three holes at the bottom will be for the smart connector, which Apple debuted with the iPad Pro last year. A smart connector will greatly enhance the iPhone's connectivity and we might also see separate accessories designed specifically for the device.

Finally, if you take a look at the bottom of the blueprints, you'll see that in addition to eight speaker holes, the 3.5mm earphone jack is also absent, so looks like all those rumors might turn out to be true after all. Lightning earphones on the iPhone will be a nice touch but it'll also mean that you're going to have to make your auxiliary purchases directly from Apple, which should come as a dismay to a lot of users out there. The renders represent a March testing unit of the iPhone so maybe the final product will be different from what we're seeing today.

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