AirPower Launch Could Still Happen; Apple Engineers Reportedly Re-Engineering Coils to Remove Heat Efficiently

AirPower Launch Could Still Happen; Apple Engineers Reportedly Re-Engineering Coils to Remove Heat Efficiently

Back in March last year, Apple officially announced that it canceled its AirPower launch, stating that the wireless charging mat could not meet the company’s ‘high standard’. While there were reports that the company might have been planning another iteration of the product, there haven’t been any updates regarding this, until now. Apparently, the project is being worked on internally, with Apple apparently attempting to re-engineer the components that forced it to cancel the AirPower’s release in the first place.

Earlier Reports State the AirPower Launch Was Off the Table Due to Overheating Issues

According to Jon Prosser, who earlier stated that Apple is planning to launch upgraded iPad Pro models with an A14X Bionic chipset later this year, is back with fresh news surrounding the AirPower launch. Turns out that the wireless charging mat is in its prototyping phase, and Apple’s engineers are attempting to change the way the coils dissipate the heat properly.

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Apparently, overheating was Apple’s biggest hurdle surrounding the AirPower, which is why the company had to terminate the official release. The technology giant was reportedly using between 21 and 24 power coils of different sizes to build the charging accessory. The biggest challenge was to design these coils in such a manner that they don’t interfere with one another and don’t overheat as well. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t pan out, but it looks like we’re getting somewhere now.

Before you get excited though, even though the fresh tweet from Prosser claims that the AirPower project is back on the table, it doesn’t mean Apple will go ahead with a launch. If the company runs into the same problems once more despite using different engineering methods, we might never see the charging accessory materialize. One strange development that took place in January earlier this year was the fact that Apple was planning to launch an unnamed wireless charging mat, possibly during its March media event.

Unfortunately, Apple had to reportedly postpone the event due to the coronavirus outbreak, so we’ll never know if that unveiling was related to the AirPower launch or if it was something else entirely. Regardless, we should get to know more about Apple’s plans in the future, so stay tuned for more updates.

News Source: Twitter (Jon Prosser)

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