No AirPower or Any Variation of the Wireless Charging Mat Expected This Year, Says Tipster

No AirPower or Any Variation of the Wireless Charging Mat Is Expected This Year, Says Tipster

The AirPower was supposed to be Apple’s wireless charging mat that could top up several Qi-compatible devices ranging from the iPhone to AirPods and others. Unfortunately, the product was scrapped by Apple after it was found that the charging mat wasn’t up to the quality the company was expecting, thus putting an end to consumers’ dream that wanted such an accessory designed specifically by Apple and not from a third-party partner. Also, if you were expecting to see it this year, that might not be the case too, according to a tipster.

Tipster Hints That the AirPower Might Arrive in 2021 but Provided No Details Regarding Its Launch

The latest update from Jioriku highlights that customers hopeful of seeing an AirPower, or any variation of the AirPower, such as the rumored cheaper version will be sorely disappointed. He mentions that if there is a chance Apple will release a wireless charging pad or mat, it will most likely materialize because of partnering with a company that specializes in making such accessories. While that is disappointing to hear, Jioriku does hint at something positive towards the end of this tweet.

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Apparently, we might be seeing positive news in 2021, and Apple could have finally completed mass production of the AirPower. Even previously, there were a number of reports suggesting that the company’s engineers were figuring out a way to re-engineer the coils in such a manner that they are able to charge multiple devices without overheating at the same time. There’s no update on the progress of this product, but other efforts to improve the AirPower’s functionality have definitely been reported on.

For example, the AirPower may take advantage of smart power routing that will likely be made possible thanks to the A11 Bionic chipset. For those that don’t know, the A11 Bionic debuted in the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus and at the time, nothing was able to come close to the level of performance and efficiency it brought to the table. With this hardware reportedly running inside the wireless charger, we’re expecting some great things in the future.

Unfortunately, the tipster wasn’t kind enough to share the details of the AirPower launch but if he says next year, then it can mean a number of things. It might imply that we get to see the accessory during an official event, or Apple might just go through with a soft launch. In any case, nothing is set in stone right now, so remember to treat this information with a pinch of salt and we’ll be back with more information.

News Source: Jioriku

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