Apple is Exploring Long-Range Wireless Charging, Still Not Giving Up on AirPower-Like Charger

AirPower wireless charging

One of the most hyped wireless chargers never actually made it to the market. Apple's AirPower was highly rumored and leaked last year but Apple eventually decided to let go of it. However, it seems the company has not given up on its plans after all as it is still exploring an AirPower-like wireless charger. In addition, the company might also be looking into long-range wireless charging.

Apple is Still Working on an AirPower-Like Wireless Charging and Exploring Alternative Charging Methods

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple is still developing an AirPower-like wireless charger. Moreover, the company is also exploring long-range truly wireless charging technology. The AirPower was such a big hype due to its functionality - it was supposed to charge multiple devices at the same time. However, we never actually witnessed the product as Apple scrapped its plans due to development issues.

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It was stated that the AirPower failed due to Apple engineers not able to solve multiple bugs associated with the device. In addition, there were several interferences problems and heating issues. Instead. Apple unveiled MagSafe technology with the iPhone 12 last year which gave room to a plethora of accessories for the device.

Since AirPower's cancellation, there have been several rumors that Apple is still working on the wireless charging mat that mimics the functionality of the AirPower. The new report is a clear indication that Apple must be working on some kind of a wireless charging device.

Other than this, Apple is also exploring the area of truly wireless charging technology. What this means is that you will be able to wirelessly charge your device from a distance. However, the launch could take years from now since the technology is not ready for the masses and there are certain complications associated with it. Nonetheless, we will keep you guys updated on the latest.

There you have it, folks. Share your views with us regarding Apple's AirPower-like wireless charger in the comments.

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