AirPower Charging Mat Suffered From Continuous Overheating Problems, Which Report Claims Is the Reason It Never Launched

AirPower charging mat overheating issues

Apple announced the AirPower back in September 2017 at the launch of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus. Numerous reports started coming through stating that the accessory had been delayed to a 2018 release, but there are no updates as of yet. However, one person believes that the charging mat might not be released and gives his reasoning for that.

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According to Sonny Dickson, his report states that the product is facing three major issues including overheating, charging activation issues and charging accuracy levels. Overheating is the result of the mat and its charging rates are to be affected as well. Apple is reportedly using between 21 and 24 power coils of different sizes to build the AirPower accessory. However, the challenge is to design the coil units not to overheat and interfere with one another. The structure of the coils in terms of proximity and overlap is affecting the charging ability of the device as well.

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Another issue the charging mat is facing is communication. The AirPower is meant to display the battery status of all the devices being charged on the lock screen of the iPhone. However, the AirPower is yet to overcome these glitches in the communication process. While Apple has not officially released a statement, Dickson believes that the product is doomed.

Apple had announced the release to occur in 2018. The challenge, however, is related to the technicality of the model that is aimed to charge three different devices at the same time. In his report, Dickson was not entirely sure whether the project is still being developed or not.

However, he suspects that Apple may be revamping the entire software and use a different design to develop the accessory. Expectedly, the release of the AirPower is not likely to happen in 2018 and with the number of daunting challenges that Apple seems to be facing at the moment with it, it is to be believed that we might not see the AirPower charging mat before 2019.

If Apple continues to delay this product, it will give other manufacturers the opportunity to launch one of their own and claim a bragging right over the California-based giant.

News Source: Sonny Dickson

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