Wccftech’s Best Games of 2018 – Staff and Community Awards

Alessio Palumbo

It's time to announce the best games of 2018 (and the most anticipated title of 2019) according to Wccftech's internal staff and external community polls.

Interestingly, our staff and our readers have agreed on the best games way more than they disagreed. Out of thirteen total categories, it happened in eight instances: Best Shooter Game of 2018 (Far Cry 5), Best Action Game of 2018 (God of War), Best Sports/Racing Game of 2018 (Forza Horizon 4), Best Survival Game of 2018 (Subnautica), Best Fighting Game of 2018 (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate), Best Indie Game of 2018 (Celeste), Best Multiplayer Game of 2018 (Monster Hunter World), Game of the Year 2018 (God of War).

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The opinions diverged when it came to the Best Roleplaying Game of 2018 (the staff picked Dragon Quest XI, while readers chose Assassin's Creed Odyssey), the Best Adventure Game of 2018 (Shadow of the Colossus for the staff, Detroit: Become Human for the community), the Best Platform Game of 2018 (Celeste for the staff, Spyro: Reignited Trilogy for the readers), the Best Strategy/Simulation Game of 2018 (our editors voted for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, while our community picked Frostpunk) and lastly the Most Anticipated Game of 2018, which was won by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice when it comes to the internal staff poll while readers voted for Metro Exodus.

Overall, Wccftech's Best Games of 2018 list highlights yet another banner year for the gaming industry, one filled with many different flavors of great games and experiences. While 2017 was perhaps slightly better in terms of quality, the sheer amount of solid, fun titles continued to increase in 2018, which in turn brings gaming fans an ever-growing backlog to catch up on.

2019 is a bit more of an unknown presently, given that the most anticipated games in development don't have a hard date yet. Hopefully, publishers and developers will provide some clarity about their schedule in the months leading up to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (June 11th-13th).

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