Petrich’s Videopane UI Now Being Developed for iOS Apps Multitasking

App Videopane multitasking:

The genius Ryan Petrich is working on bringing the videopane multitasking capabilities to apps. As shared before, Videopane jailbreak tweak aims to enable users to watch videos while they use other apps. The tweak undocks the video from YouTube app and continues to play it wherever you go. It overlays the video on the top of whatever app you are using giving the actual meaning to multitasking.

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videopane multitasking

This powerful concept could bring the actual multitasking on our iOS screens if it could involve the apps - as shown in the video shared. Ryan Petrich has shared a teaser video of the tweak he is working on. If accomplished, this would enable us to effectively have various apps on our screens giving us ample room to work around.

videopane multitaskingThis sort of real multitasking has been wished for since the release of iPad as the bigger screens ask for more ease of work. From reading and writing to watching a video while browsing your Facebook feed, videopane multitasking would make it all easy and possible!

Although the concept is still in early stages of development, when launched, iOS users would surely go crazy! Petrich says that it is going to be quite some time till videopane multitasking gets ready for public release; hence, no expected dates of release or pricing can be guessed at this moment.

Videopane multitasking for iOS:

- Source: Ryan Petrich

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