Star Wars Battlefront – New Info on Collaboration With Lucasfilm; C-3PO Confirmed

Community Manager Mathew Everett provided some information about the collaboration going on with Lucasfilm for Star Wars Battlefrront, mentioning that the planet Sullust used in the Star Wars comics is inspired by the game.

“The Sullust they use within the comic is based on the Sullust we’re introducing into the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Battlefront. This has been a part of the collaboration we have had with Lucas over the last few years.”

Everett continues that the Magma Troopers is another great result of the collaboration.

“Magma Troopers is another big one.”

There’s a lot of back and forth that goes on before getting to the final result:

“Its a collaboration. Which means, a lot of back and forth to get to the final iteration.”

Everett confirmed that mission maps are unique and specific to that part of the game, separate from multiplayer maps:

“Mission maps are unique to Missions. The map count we revealed includes only Multiplayer maps from the base game (12 maps). We also have the two extra free maps that will come with the Battle of Jakku. The Battle of Jakku maps will arrive starting on December 1st or December 8th depending if you pre-ordered, which gives us 14 maps total before The Force Awakens arrives in theaters. We will reveal the full Mission map count in the near future.”

Everett closes by teasing the E3 2015 showing,

“I think you are going to enjoy the next wave of content and information. E3 can’t come soon enough.

C-3PO’ actor Anthony Daniels mentions on Twitter that he’s working on the game, and EA confirms that the iconic droid will be in the game:

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