BioWare’s David Gaider Would Love to Work on a New Star Wars RPG

David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age series released an incredibly interesting tweet today, expressing his interest in working on another Star Wars RPG. The tweet was in response to a fan asking his whether we could expect "something like KOTOR but maybe [in] a different timeline."

The last Star Wars game that Gaider worked on was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, most probably one of the greatest Star Wars games ever created, as well as one of the best RPG games ever.

Gaider responded that he would love to work on another Star Wars RPG with Obsidian's Chris Avellone, who worked on Star Wars : The Old Republic II and was narrative designer on Pillars of Eternity.

In the spirit of Star Wars day, Gaider also shared that his greatest memory in the creation of Knights of the Old Republic, was writing the Code of the Sith.

Even though a new Star Wars RPG might not be coming any time soon, EA holds the license and several Star Wars titles are supposed to be in development. So far we have only been introduced to one of them, Star Wars Battlefront from DICE. The second Star Wars title is said to be from Visceral Games, the studio behind the great Dead Space series, as well as the recent Battlefield Hardline. There are rumors surrounding the project, that suggest that Amy Hennig, the writer behind the Uncharted trilogy might be behind the project but nothing is certain yet.

After the cancellation of Star Wars 1313, there was talk that Amy Hennig, following her departure from Naughty Dog was penning a new Star Wars adventure in a game similar to Uncharted.

Even though there is a minor chance that Star Wars 1313 was resurrected and it is the title in question, the more probable alternative is a completely new title that could possibly feature a young Boba Fett, something that will surely excite millions of Star Wars fans and gamers.

We will bring you any new information on Star Wars projects as soon as they become available. Be sure to check out our Star Wars Battlefront coverage for more information, here and here.



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