New Plants vs. Zombies Game Planned for PC and Consoles, Releases Early 2016

EA's CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned during the company's financial reports, the hit Plants vs Zombies" Garden Warfare in relation to a yet untitled Plants vs Zombies game coming to consoles and PC in 2016.

“After Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare became a sensation last year with console players young and old, we will be returning to the Plants vs. Zombies universe with a bigger and bolder new console experience in FY16 that we’ll share more about at E3,”

It appears that we might be seeing a Garden Warfare sequel or something similar at E3 2015 in June. The game set for next year is currently titled Plants vs Zombies: TBA. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said it will be a "bigger and bolder" console experience than Garden Warfare, but that's all we know about it so far.


The untitled Plants vs Zombies game is set to release early 2016 for unspecified consoles and PC.

Electronic Arts also confirmed that the new Mirror's Edge from DICE will be released in early 2016. EA lists the game for released during the first three months of 2016 in a financial earnings presentation. Mirror's Edge was first announced in 2013 , when EA said that the game "reboots the franchise for the next generation," and will deliver an all new origin story for Mirror;s Edge protagonist Faith.

Mirror's Edge is all about fluidity, physicality and movement. We want to make sure we evolve the game and Faith in a way that gives you an exciting new player experience. We want the game to be accessible enough to embrace new players while at the same time reward the skilled player. We are also committed to provide the best 1st person close combat in the world. Advanced combat that is integrated into an improved fluidity of movement. These are not small undertakings, but they are challenges that we are up for.

We are certainly getting some information on both Mirror's Edge and the new Plants vs. Zombies title, at E3 2015 in June, so we will bring you any updates as soon as it becomes available.


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