Bioware General Manager Teases N7-Branded Arm

Today it's Bioware's 20th anniversary and Bioware Edmonton and Montreal General Manager Aaryn Flynn has posted a tweet teasing one of the assets of the new Mass Effect.

The picture shows an arm, sporting the familiar N7 logo, which could indicate that the new Mass Effect protagonist will be an N7 as well. Bioware will be revealing new information on Mass Effect and possibly a gameplay trailer at E3 2015 next month.

EA's press conference will be held on June 15th 2015 at 1PM PST. Mass Effect will surely be one the main highlights of the event, as Bioware will quite possibly give us a first glimpse into the work they have been teasing for quite some time now, and we'll get a chance to see the world of the new Mass Effect as well as its protagonists.

EA will have plenty of other major franchises to showcase, including the next Mirror's Edge, in development by DICE, who is also in charge of Star Wars Battlefront.

EA will be revealing the new Need for Speed title which was just recently announced. The new Need for Speed is a re-boot of the long running franchise, heavily influenced by the revered Underground series, and will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this fall.

A new Garden Warfare related, Plants vs Zombies game will also be announced, and we will likely learn the first details regarding the Visceral developed Star Wars title, which has both writer Amy Hennig and  actor Todd Stashwick linked to the project.

Amy Hennig, the writer behind the Uncharted series has joined EA to work on the new Star Wars project as Creative Director, and it's incredibly exciting to see what the new title turns out to be. It could possible be an open world adventure centering around a bounty hunter, who may or may not be fan favorite Boba Fett.

We will surely find out more during E3 2015 next month, and we will be sure to bring you all new informatiosn as soon as it becomes available.



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