Sprint to Replace All Galaxy S10 Units With LTE Issues

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Sprint just announced that it will replace all Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10+ units that ran into LTE issues recently. A few days ago, a lot of users complained about several Galaxy S10 series devices not being able to maintain a steady LTE connection. The company then rolled out an OTA update to fix the issue, which seems to have done nothing according to several users. At this point, it is obvious that it is a hardware defect, so Sprint has decided to replace the affected units. According to Sprint's blog post, here's what you need to know about their replacement program.

Pre 14-day – the Store Sales team will exchange to new as store representatives do not have refurbs\recs to use and it’s part of the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee (SSG).
Post 14-day – Asurion technicians will provide replacements. If no refurbs\recons are available, then the selection will default to new.
Customers with Sprint Complete (SC) will not be charged a FEE for this exchange as long as there is no evidence of liquid or physical damage to the handset.
Customers without SC will be assessed a $75 fee or can work with Samsung for a manufacture warranty solution.

Affected users will still need to install the software patch issued by Sprint to be eligible for the replacement. Devices purchased less than two weeks before a complaint is made will be replaced with new models, whereas phones purchased more than two weeks before will be replaced with refurbished units.

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Here's where it gets frustrating; users who have subscribed to Sprint Care will not have to pay anything for the replacement, provided that there is no physical damage to the handset. However, the ones without Sprint Care are left high and dry and will have to fork out $75 for a replacement unit. There is, however, a possibility that Samsung may replace your shiny new Galaxy S10 for free as under the manufacturer warranty.

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