Galaxy S20 Sales Are 50 Percent Lower Than Galaxy S10 Series; Is the High Price the Only Culprit?


Now, when the smartphone industry was finally getting back on track, something unfortunate has struck. The coronavirus is believed to be causing disruptions to both the supply chain and the shopper activity and as a result, sales are likely to be going to be lesser than previously expected. The epidemic now affects all continents except Antarctica and has even reached Samsung’s home country of South Korea. Local media believes this is one of the reasons why Galaxy S20 sales received less attention than its predecessor.

COVID-19 Probably Isn’t the Only Suspect Behind Lacklustre Galaxy S20 Sales

According to estimates, Galaxy S20 sales were 50 percent lower than that of its predecessor on their first day. Samsung apparently sold 70,800 units on Thursday, which pales in comparison to the first day sales of the Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10 range, which attracted shipments of 140,000 and 220,000 respectively. The relatively poor performance of the new phones has been chalked down in part due to coronavirus, signaling that sales might pick up once the situation normalizes.

The Galaxy S20 Display Issues Have Returned

However, we believe there could be another potential reason behind the ‘lower than expected’ first-day sales and that’s the exorbitant prices of the new phones. The Galaxy S20 starts at $1,000, the Galaxy S20 Plus costs $1,200 in its entry-level configuration and the marquee Galaxy S20 Ultra will set you back $1,400 with base storage. Add to the fact the discounts and subsidies are lower for the new phones in South Korea when compared to the predecessors and that also explains the lower interest levels.

Given that carrier subsidy and introductory offers are comparatively better in the U.S., it will be interesting to see how the phones perform stateside when they are released next week. A U.S. release will be followed by Europe on March 13. It’s only then that we will have a clearer picture, but for now, if South Korea is a proxy, it seems like maxing out on specs isn’t necessarily the brightest of ideas if no consideration is given to the price.

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News Source: The Korea Herald