Galaxy S20 Sales Struggling to Keep up With Galaxy S10 Numbers; Samsung Reportedly Holds Conference to Discuss Future

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Galaxy S20 Sales Struggling to Keep up With Galaxy S10 Numbers; Samsung Reportedly Holds Conference to Discuss Future

It hasn’t been a great year for Samsung so far. Despite the new design, camera upgrades, and powerful internals, Galaxy S20 sales are still failing to generate a significant momentum in the market. One of the culprits is likely due to the coronavirus pandemic and because of this, Samsung has reportedly held a private conference to discuss the future of its business.

Reports Claim That Galaxy S20 Sales Are Only 60 Percent of What the Galaxy S10 Achieved

It’s no secret that global smartphone sales keep dropping due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and according to the latest report, Samsung had earlier held a private conference call with some security analysts. The reason for this is that perhaps the Korean tech behemoth was looking for ways to minimize the deleterious economic setbacks that may happen in the coming months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The report also states that Galaxy S20 sales were discussed during the conference call, and given what they offer, the numbers could be miles better than the current situation. Unfortunately, an exact figure wasn’t provided, but the report does state that the Galaxy S20 sold only 60 percent of what the Galaxy S10 series managed to sell during the same period in 2019. Samsung could release the exact figures at the end of the quarter, and if that doesn’t happen, we can rely on other estimates to provide us with some relevant data.

It’s also reported that the Galaxy S20 Ultra was the most popular of the three, making up 50 percent of all Galaxy S20 pre-orders. That is a rather strange thing to hear, considering that it costs $1399 for the base model and is more expensive than the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus. This could be the reason why we’re seeing price cuts of $200 for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus this early, and keep in mind that it has hardly been a month since these three models were released in the market. There hasn’t been any discount offered for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, possibly because it’s selling much better than the remaining two.

There’s no telling what Samsung’s next move is going to be but it looks like the coronavirus pandemic is making things difficult for a lot of tech giants. Whether or not the company delays the Galaxy Note 20 launch is anyone’s guess, but we’ll continue to update you in the future, so stay tuned.

News Source: Sedaily

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