Sprint Rolling Out Fix for Galaxy S10 Reception Issues; Some Galaxy S8 and Note 8 Units Also Affected

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People who own Galaxy S10 series smartphones have been experiencing major cellular reception problems for the past few weeks. Even the 5G variant of the device ran into troubles during its test run. Users managed to fix the problem temporarily, but today, Sprint has issued an official fix. According to Sprint's website:

  • The new software should prevent the issue from happening.
  • A small number of devices may be not be recoverable.  Devices that are not recoverable will not acquire LTE or will continue to have intermittent LTE connectivity after the software update. See below for actions to take.

The software update bears version ASC8 should fix these issues for most users who have had to deal with degraded network service. If you're still experiencing poor network performance after installing the update, Sprint recommends that you get a replacement for your device. One would expect that an OTA update would be enough to fix what appears to be mostly a software issue, but the problem appears to be deeper than that.

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Some Galaxy S8 and Note 8 users experiencing the same issue after installing Android Pie

In yet another episode of 'software upgrades that break stuff', a number of Galaxy S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 users have had problems accessing Sprint LTE after installing the Android Pie upgrade bearing software version DSC1. Thankfully, the rollout has since been paused. There is no word on when it'll be resumed just yet. You can take a look at the Sprint FAQ page for more info.

There is currently no working fix for affected users. Sprint strongly advises against disabling LTE bands on the device (something that worked for the Galaxy S10 earlier) If you've lost LTE reception after installing the update and want it back, you'll have to contact Samsung or visit a Sprint store to replace their device. It is especially bad for people whose devices are out of warranty as they have to settle with WiFi/LTE for the time being. This isn't the first time a major software upgrade has wreaked havoc in Samsung devices. Last year, the Android Oreo rollout for some devices was paused after it was found to trigger random restarts.

News Source: Android Police

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