Samsung to Throw in a Pair of Galaxy Buds+ With All Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra Pre-Orders

Anil Ganti

Pre-ordering a product is always a bit of a gamble. One is essentially committing to purchase a product that hasn't been field-tested yet. While it is still ok to drop a hundred or so bucks on a game, the stakes get much higher when it comes to pre-ordering a near $1,500 smartphone. That's why companies like to throw in some freebies to convince more users to pre-order a product.  This time around, Samsung is reportedly throwing in a pair of Galaxy Buds+ with every Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra purchase. The base Galaxy S20 won't be a part of the promotion, unfortunately.

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Renowned leaker EVleaks put out a Tweet that shows a promotional image detailing the offer. Do note that it is the upcoming Galaxy Buds+, which will come with a larger battery, more microphones, better sound quality and more. It won't feature active noise cancellation, though, for some reason. It is rather disappointing, considering that Apple included ANC in the latest AirPods.

However, the promotion may not be available in all regions. Samsung is known to vary pre-order bonuses according to geographic location. For example, pre-ordering a Galaxy Note 10 series phone in India would net you 50% off on a pair of Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Watch active. A pair of wireless headphones are always nice to have, considering that the Galaxy S20 won't come with a headphone jack. Samsung will still throw in a pair of AKG Tuned USB C headphones, though.

While it may look like a good deal, we'd recommend that you wait for a little time before committing to a purchase. Samsung is in the habit of throwing in freebies with their flagships from time to time, as they did with the Galaxy Note 10 earlier last year. Yes, the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra look like promising devices based on what we've seen of them so far, but it' best to wait for a bit before buying one.

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