Get Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Fit for Free With All Galaxy Note 10+ Purchases in the US

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The Galaxy Note 10+ is an excellent device for the most part and has very little in the way of flaws. You can read my in-depth review of it here. The device even sold fairly well and is on par with beating the Galaxy S10 series in the number of units sold. However, Samsung wants to sell even more phones, so they decided to sweeten the pot a little bit more.

Users in the US can now get a free pair of Galaxy Buds and a Galaxy Fit fitness tracker with every Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Bought separately, they'd set you back by around $230, so it isn't a bad deal. The other alternative gives you $200 store credit. You can use it to buy something else on the store, but I'd go for the Galaxy Buds instead, considering that the device doesn't have a headphone jack. As a bonus, you can also use the phone to charge your earbuds wirelessly, thanks to Wireless Powershare.

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The offer applies to devices ranging across all carriers, storage capacities, and color variants of the Galaxy Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G. And yes, it is available with the Carrier Unlocked version too.  All you need to do is select that offer and the free Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Fit will be added to your order automatically once you’ve made your choice. Lastly, you'll still get six months of Spotify Premium and four months of YouTube Premium along with the purchase. This offer can only be availed on devices bought from the official Samsung Website. Head over to it and take a look. The offer in question is available only for the Note 10+ series and not for the smaller Note 10.

It is unclear if this promotion will be available in other regions at this point. I don't want to point any fingers, but the timing is suspiciously close to the release of a certain fruit-based device. All speculation aside, it is still a very good deal and should help Samsung get those sales numbers up.

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