Samsung May Use Its Exynos 1000 for All Galaxy S21 Variants, Dropping the Snapdragon 875 Option Completely

Omar Sohail
Samsung May Use Its Exynos 1000 for All Galaxy S21 Variants, Dropping the Snapdragon 875 Option Completely

Samsung was earlier reported to stick with the Snapdragon 865 for its upcoming Galaxy S21 because the rumored price hike of the Snapdragon 875 would have ridiculously increased the cost of the company’s future flagships. Considering that even the base Galaxy S20 was stamped with a $999 price tag at release, things will start to look real dicey for Samsung when generating sales if the company sticks with the Snapdragon 875. Fortunately, Samsung is rumored to have an ace up its sleeve and that’s to omit the use of both the Snapdragon 875 and Snapdragon 865 in all markets. That is correct; Samsung might be going all-in with its own silicon.

Samsung May Start Selling Exynos 1000 Versions of the Galaxy S21 in the U.S. Too

A fresh tweet from someone who goes by the Twitter name ‘Your favourite Chun is back’ can ‘confirm’ that Samsung won’t be using the Snapdragon 865 for its Galaxy S21 series. Instead, the company may use the Exynos 1000, which is rumored to be the Korean giant’s upcoming silicon made on the advanced 5nm node, sporting Cortex-A78 performance cores and may rely on either the Mali-G78 or AMD’s RDNA GPU.

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Considering the mess Samsung made with Exynos 990, it’s highly like the company’s chip division went back to the drawing board and started from scratch on how they will be making rectifications. In fact, there was an earlier leak of an unnamed Samsung chipset paired with an AMD GPU and it beat the Snapdragon 865’s Adreno 650 in a series of benchmarking tests.

This leak alone delivers a whole lot of promise surrounding the development of the Exynos 1000, but Samsung is going to have to do some heavy marketing in order to convince buyers that its Exynos-fueled Galaxy S21 series is worth getting. Using a custom silicon might also allow Samsung to gain better pricing leverage on its own smartphones, because as of right now, flagship handsets have reached a new high, making it extremely difficult for customers to upgrade regularly.

Samsung is also reportedly working on its improved Exynos 992, which is made on the 5nm architecture. Even if this silicon reduces the performance gap between the Snapdragon 865, then we have high hopes from the upcoming Exynos 1000, and we’ll update you on the company’s plans in the near future.

News Source: Twitter (Boby25846908)

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