Galaxy Note 20 Will Support Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching, but 120Hz Option Won’t Be Supported at QHD+ Resolution

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 20 Will Support Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching, but 120Hz Option Won’t Be Supported at QHD+ Resolution

An earlier statement from a tipster claimed that the Galaxy Note 20 series won’t support the 120Hz refresh rate at the highest resolution, which would have disappointed most people planning to make a purchase. However, the upcoming models should be able to deliver better battery life thanks to dynamically switching between refresh rate values. According to a tipster, Samsung will be bringing this option when it readies its flagship smartphone models.

Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching Smartly Converts From 60Hz to 120Hz and Back, Depending on What Sort of Content Is Shown on the Display

This feature is present on some apps when using any Galaxy S20 model, so it’s expected to bring the same battery life improvements for the Galaxy Note 20. According to previous reports, only the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will support the 120Hz refresh rate, so we’re assuming that this model will also support dynamic switching of refresh rates based on what’s being shown on the display.

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If this wasn’t enough, then you should also know that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will ship with LTPO displays, which will result in 10-15 percent better energy efficiency, leading to improved battery life as a result. Also, keep in mind that dynamic refresh rate switching isn’t the same as variable refresh rate switching. The feature that’s expected to be supported by the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will switch between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on what’s displayed on the screen.

It won’t shift to any other refresh rate figure, meaning that switching to a 90Hz refresh rate is out of the question. Other aspects of the Galaxy Note 20 are expected to be well-received by customers, assuming this dynamic refresh rate option doesn’t impress you. For example, Samsung is reported to improve the Galaxy Note 20’s camera, and while the zoom capability is rumored to be limited to 50x, the image quality is expected to improve considerably.

The Note 20’s S-Pen is also reported to gain improvements, with the latest report stating that the stylus might be used as a pointer, giving users the ability to select, display, and highlight specific areas. Of course, all of these are unconfirmed by Samsung, so we’ll just have to wait for the company’s August 5 Unpacked event to find out more, so stay tuned.

News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)

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