Galaxy Note 20 Series Reportedly Won’t Exhibit the Galaxy S20 Camera Problems, but a WQHD+ 120Hz Display May Not Be Present


There’s lots of news going around that Samsung aims to eliminate or at the very least, mitigate the problems present in the Galaxy S20 series when launching the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 family. One of those problems appears to be centered around the camera, with Samsung rumored to replace its 100x Space Zoom with 50x zoom that will focus more on image quality and improved user experience. A tipster now believes that while the company has solved the camera problems, it’s possible that a high-resolution 120Hz refresh rate display might not show up.

A Previously Leaked Specs Sheet Mentioned That the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Would Be Treated to a 120Hz Display Operating at a Higher Resolution

To remind you, all members of the Galaxy S20 series did feature a 120Hz display, but it couldn’t be enabled at the highest resolution of these models. It was assumed that the top-tier version of the Galaxy Note 20 family, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would bring this addition, as mentioned in a previous hardware specs leak. Ice Universe hasn’t mentioned in his tweet why Samsung would make this choice, but it could be due to optimizing battery life.

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Then again, the Galaxy Note 20 family is rumored to arrive with LTPO technology, resulting in 10-15 percent improved efficiency, so we don’t know why Ice Universe would mention this in his latest tweet. Perhaps there could be some complications that Samsung has run into that has led them to continue using a 120Hz panel without running at the highest possible resolution.

Then again, OnePlus managed to launch their smartphones with 120Hz screens running at the WQHD+ resolution, so we strongly believe Samsung can pull this off quite comfortably. For the time being, we recommend treating Ice Universe’s tweet with a pinch of salt and await further updates on the matter, so stay tuned.

News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)