Qualcomm Will Reportedly ‘Optimize’ the Snapdragon 875 at a Software Level for Its Own Lineup of Gaming Smartphones

Qualcomm Will Reportedly ‘Optimize’ the Snapdragon 875 at a Software Level for Its Own Lineup of Gaming Smartphones

Just yesterday, it was reported that Qualcomm would introduce its own brand of gaming smartphones, but it wasn’t confirmed which chipset the company will use. After all, the Snapdragon 865 and the Snapdragon 865 Plus are more than sufficient to be found in the latest gaming smartphones, but Qualcomm will likely want the very best to power its first iteration of powerful and portable computing devices. According to a report, the chipset maker will be using the Snapdragon 875 and not just this, the company is expected to optimize it on a software level to deliver the best possible performance.

Qualcomm’s Own Gaming Smartphone Could Be Unveiled During the Snapdragon Tech Summit Happening Later This Year

According to the latest report, XDA Developers talk about Qualcomm taking care of ‘industry design’ as well as ‘software integration optimizing its Snapdragon 875 platform’. These details were likely published by DigiTimes but were put behind a paywall. With the Snapdragon 875 announcement expected to be held between December 1-2 as the virtual Snapdragon Tech Summit will kick off at that date, we also believe Qualcomm will showcase its very first smartphone running its latest and greatest silicon made on the 5nm process.

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How the Snapdragon 875 will end up performing will depend on its software optimization, as well as the level of cooling incorporated. This is why Qualcomm is reported to have partnered with ASUS, as the Taiwanese manufacturer has years of experience developing cooling solutions for a variety of hardware, including smartphones like the ROG Phone 3. In fact, the company’s latest flagship gaming handset can maintain much higher clock speeds of the Prime Core belonging to the Snapdragon 865 Plus.

A previous leak revealed that instead of the 3.10GHz frequency, the Prime Core was running at 3.40GHz while running cool at 36-degrees Celsius thanks to sufficient cooling. Unfortunately, this will also unnecessarily increase the bulk and weight of the smartphone so Qualcomm will likely attempt to find a balance between performance, portability, and weight to deliver the ideal package to customers.

The Snapdragon 875 could also be the only SoC for 2021 to take advantage of ARM’s Cortex-X1 Super Core. One tipster claims that this addition could make it faster than the upcoming Exynos 2100 while also presenting it with a rare opportunity to beat Apple’s A14 Bionic, which has impressed us greatly in the latest single-core and multi-core test results while running in the iPad Air 4.

We certainly have an exciting few months ahead of us, so make sure that you stay with us during the imminent announcement, because timely updates will be headed your way.

News Source: DigiTimes

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