Pixel 4a Price Leak Shows It Will Cost the Same as Pixel 3a Did at Launch, but Offer Better Internals

Omar Sohail
Pixel 4a Price Leak Shows It Will Cost the Same as Pixel 3a Did at Launch

From the looks of it, the Pixel 4a price might be the same as its predecessor, the Pixel 3a, according to a leaked image showing a billboard ad. The billboard reveals not just the price, but also a few design choices the company has made for the Pixel 4a, so let us take a look at all of these details.

Prolific tipster Evan Blass recently came across billboard mockups which apparently reveal the Pixel 4a price ahead of its launch. According to the images, the phone will start at $399, which is the same as the starting price of the Pixel 3a. Apparently, the model in question will have 64GB of internal memory and 6GB of RAM, at least according to a previously leaked video.

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Looking at the language on the billboard, we can surmise that there will be more than one model of the Pixel 4a. Since there is apparently no Pixel 4 XL, we will probably be looking at models with higher RAM and memory and if some previous reports are to go by, there will likely be a 128GB variant and 6GB RAM model. Apparently, a 5G-ready model with the Snapdragon 765 is also on the cards, and it goes without saying that the 5G-capable Pixel 4a price will be higher.

According to the leaks we have seen so far, and there have been plenty, the Pixel 4a will be a pretty decent device, with important design changes such as a pinhole screen. If the rumor about the Pixel 4a price is indeed true, Google will likely have a winner on its hand again. Add 5G to the mix, and we are perhaps looking at a crowd pleaser with impressive camera chops and blazing-fast internet connectivity.

As for the launch of the mid-ranger, now that Google’s I/O conference has been canceled because of COVID-19, the internet giant might go for an online unveiling instead, probably in May. That’s because given that the advertising campaign is about to go live, we don’t think there has been a change in launch plans, so we’ll be here to provide you with timely coverage, so stay tuned.

News Source: Twitter (Evan Blass)

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