New Monster Hunter Switch Game to be Revealed “Soon”; Running on a Switch-Compatible Version of RE Engine – Rumor

Aernout van de Velde

A new Monster Hunter Switch game is going to be revealed soon, according to Capcom insider ‘Dusk Golem’

Back in June of this year we already wrote about a possible new upcoming Monster Hunter installment for the Nintendo Switch. While this new entry won’t be a port of the series’ most recent installment, Monster Hunter World, Capcom did reveal that it's working on a title for Nintendo’s hybrid platform that “middle-high school kids” can enjoy.

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“We currently have no plans to release Monster Hunter World on the Switch. We do have plans for [a] Monster Hunter game that middle-high school kids can enjoy that you can look forward to”, Capcom told investors.

Aside from mentioning this new entry in Capcom’s investor meeting, no relevant information about this new Monster Hunter title has been revealed. Dusk Golem, who has been known for his accurate Capcom-related leaks, might now have revealed some additional details, however.

According to the insider, Capcom will “soon” reveal the new Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch entry, which is running on a Switch-compatible version of Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine – Capcom’s game engine, originally built from Resident Evil 7 and later used for Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 &3 Remake and the upcoming Resident Evil Village and Pragmata.

As some of you might now, Monster Hunter World is running on a modified version of Capcom’s, somewhat dated, MT Framework engine. Interestingly, several recent Switch ports of Capcom’s older titles using this engine, including the Resident Evil HD Remaster, Dragon’s Dogma. The Switch port of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is also running on the MT Framework.

We’ll update as soon as we learn more about this rumored new Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch installment. For now, stay tuned.

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