A New Monster Hunter Game Could Be Headed to Nintendo Switch; Still No Plans for a Monster Hunter World Port

Francesco De Meo
Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World may not get released on Nintendo Switch, but it seems like a new entry in the series will hit the console at some point, judging from a recent statement from Capcom.

In a Q&A session held at the publisher's 41st annual investor meeting, Capcom has been asked about a Monster Hunter World Nintendo Switch port. The publisher confirmed that there are still no plans to port it over to the console, but also that there are plans to release a new entry in the series that Japanese middle-high school kids can enjoy.

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This seems to refer to the first entries in the series, which were released on the PlayStation Portable and were extremely popular among middle-high school kids in Japan, also thanks to local-multiplayer, which is not possible in Monster Hunter World. As the Nintendo Switch is extremely popular in Japan, and it is the only current-gen portable console, it's likely that this new game will be released on the Nintendo console, and not on mobile devices.

The Nintendo Switch, so far, only received a single entry in the series, Generations Ultimate, which was an enhanced port of a 3DS release.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is one of the best entries in the series and well worth playing for fans. Players new to Monster Hunter might find it difficult to get along with at first, but stick with it and you’ll find an engrossing, valuable hunting experience.

The latest entry in the series is Monster Hunter World, now out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game also received the Iceborne expansion which introduces plenty of additional content.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne comes close to matching the perfection of the first adventures with the Fifth Fleet but this new expansion is all but guaranteed to lead to more times being carted back to camp.

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