Microsoft’s E3 2016 Conference & Zelda: Breath of the Wild Got By Far The Most Mentions on Social Media

Jun 18, 2016

Now that the E3 madness is over, it's time to start analyzing what went down with a little more depth. According to Facebook data reported by Venturebeat, Sony won the E3 conference war on Zuckerberg's platform.

However, there's a lot more to social media than just Facebook. Luckily, Brandwatch shared the data collected by their "social intelligence platform" and we can now paint a more accurate picture.

The data, collected by Brandwatch between June 12 and June 15, shows a clear winner: Microsoft's conference got 29% of the mentions volume, 10% more than Sony's. The other console hardware manufacturer (Nintendo) stopped at a mere 12%, though admittedly the Treehouse live stream was not quite a full blown press conference.

Among the remaining conferences, Ubisoft triumphed with 17% of social mentions, while EA got 13% and Bethesda 8%. The PC Gaming Show only got 2% of mentions, unsurprisingly.

Brandwatch also analyzed social mentions for all the games showcased at the conferences, though. Let's start with Electronic Arts, since that was the first one.

FIFA 17 won with 19% of mentions, though again that's hardly a surprise given how popular the franchise is across all platforms. Mass Effect: Andromeda's first look video, even if brief, granted Bioware's title a solid second place at 18% tied with DICE's Battlefield 1. Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront both stopped at 16%.

Let's move over to Bethesda.

Dishonored 2, which got its first gameplay demonstration at E3 2016, won with 20% of the total. Quake Champions secured the second place with 18%, tied with Skyrim Remastered, while the new Prey game by Arkane stopped at 12%.

Microsoft's pie shows a very tight split, on the other hand.

With so many games announced or talked about, the percentages were very close. Forza Horizon 3  and Gears of War 4, both announced for Windows 10 PC at the conference, got the most mentions with 12% and 11% respectively. Dead Rising 4, Minecraft and indie game We Happy Few all tied at 8%.

Ubisoft's show delivered the first unexpected winner.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole received 25% of the mentions for this conference, with Watch_Dogs 2 getting 20%, Ghost Recon: Wildlands 13% and For Honor 12%. Ubisoft's new online open world sports game, Steep, only got 8% of the mentions.

The final one (there's no need to take a look at the split for the Treehouse live stream as Zelda was the star of that show) was Sony's.

As you already know if you watched it live, this was a conference filled with big games and franchises (though many of them are still far from release). The stunning God of War gameplay demo won the day with 18% of mentions, while Resident Evil 7 and the Crash Bandicoot remasters stopped at 12%. The Last Guardian, which received its release date trailer, got 10% of mentions while Insomniac's Spider-Man surprise received 9%.

Finally, Brandwatch also shared a combined split for all the games showcased at the E3 2016 conferences. Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dwarfed every competitor, getting roughly twice as many mentions as Battlefield 1. Again, this won't be a surprise to the keen observer as Zelda is one of the biggest game franchises of all time and this installment has been a long time coming. The third place belongs to God of War, while Crash Bandicoot Remastered, Watch_Dogs 2 and Star Wars Battlefront received a similar amount of social mentions.

The top 10 is completed by Spider-Man, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, FIFA 17 and Titanfall 2. Do you agree with these results? Let us know in the comments!