M1X MacBook Pro Models to Increase Adoption of mini-LED Technology Worldwide, Says Analyst

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M1X MacBook Pro Models to Increase Adoption of mini-LED Technology Worldwide

Apple’s M1X MacBook Pro models that are rumored to launch in late October or early November will be the first from the company to feature mini-LED screens. This unveiling is expected to drive mini-LED adoption worldwide, according to a notable analyst.

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In an investors’ note by Ming-Chi Kuo spotted by MacRumors, the analyst says that the launch of the redesigned MacBook Pro models is expected to propel supplier investment in the technology, allowing Apple to not just diversify its supply chain but to bring component costs down. According to a previous report, the technology giant has added Luxshare Precision to handle mini-LED production, which will allow the M1X MacBook Pro models to be widely available to customers.

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Volume production of the M1X MacBook Pro models has apparently started, suggesting that Apple is prepping for a launch in the coming weeks. In the note, Kuo states that mini-LED adoption will be determined by how well Apple’s new portable Macs sell and believes iPads will not drive this technology to be used in other machines.

“We believe that MacBooks, not iPads, mainly drive Mini LED panel shipments. MacBook shipments have not grown much in the past few years. However, we expect MacBook shipments to grow significantly by 20% YoY, or more in 2021 and 2022, due to the adoption of Mini LED panels, Apple Silicon, and all-new designs.”

Apple’s competitors likely stay away from mini-LED technology due to increased cost production and supply issues, which may be mitigated a few months after the M1X MacBook Pro models are available for consumers. However, not everyone will have the financial capacity to splurge money on the upcoming premium portable Macs, and Apple has a solution to that too. According to Kuo, the company is working on a 2022 MacBook Air, and it too is said to ship with a mini-LED screen.

Pretty soon, Apple would have gravitated its entire MacBook line to mini-LED technology, and there is a possibility the company brings back the discontinued 12-inch version, according to a survey.

News Source: MacRumors

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