M2 iPad Pro Once More Reported to Launch in October, Its Release Should Increase mini-LED Tablet Market Share to 66 Percent

Omar Sohail
M2 iPad Pro Once More Reported to Launch in October, Its Release Should Increase mini-LED Tablet Market Share to 66 Percent

Apple is expected to have one more launch event before it prepares for 2023, and that is when the company is scheduled to announce its updated premium M2 iPad Pro family. A new report states that these new models are expected to arrive sometime in October and should boost the company’s market share of mini-LED slates.

OLED Tablets Will Lose Their Market Share Dominance Once the New iPad Pro Launches, Claims Report

New information published on DSCC by Ross Young talks about how Apple’s push with the M2 iPad Pro launch will allow mini-LED tablet market share to pick up.

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“In Q2’22, OLEDs overtook MiniLEDs in the Advanced Tablet market due to the slowdown in MiniLED iPad Pro volumes earning a 60% to 40% advantage, their first lead since Q1’21. However, with a new iPad Pro expected to launch in October, MiniLED panels should resume leadership in Q3’22 and Q4’22 with at least a 66% share each quarter. MiniLEDs maintained an advantage in Q2’22 on a revenue basis despite 40% of volumes on their higher prices.”

Just like last time, the 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro is expected to tout that mini-LED upgrade, meaning customers will have to pay extra to get their hands on the bigger device. The 11-inch version will likely be treated to a chipset upgrade, along with some minor changes, but that is about all we expect from the smaller tablet. With the launch of the newer models, if Apple decides to continue selling the M1 iPad Pro series at a smaller price, both models will still bring sufficient performance to the table, which will benefit consumers greatly who simply want a good deal and do not want to purchase the latest and greatest on consumer electronic.

The increase in sales should help raise the momentum for mini-LED tablets and, as a result, overtake their OLED counterparts in the final months of 2022. Given that the M2 iPad Pro series is not rumored to boast massive external changes, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that next month, Apple will proceed with a launch through press releases rather than hosting a physical event. Going by this approach can also mean that the updated MacBook Pro models arriving next month alongside the new iPad Pro models may not feature new 3nm chipsets but 5nm ones.

As always, we will update our readers on any changes that may or may not happen, so stay tuned.

News Source: Display Supply Chain

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