Possible iPad Air 2 Front Panel with Thinner Design – Leaked Images

Following the leaked iPhone 6 front panel images, we are now looking at some leaked iPad Air 2 images alleged to be iOS tablet's front panel. While Apple introduced a very thin design with iPad Air - hence called it the Air - these latest iPad Air 2 images show that we might seen even a thinner design this year.ipad air hidden features

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Alleged iPad Air 2 images leaked:

The latest iPad Air 2 leaked images reveal that the display will be integrated with the front panel in the next gen iPad Air. Very similar to iPhone, the display integration would affect and help Apple produce a significantly thinner design than the first iPad Air.

While display integration with front panel could be Apple's attempt at getting a thinner design, it could also help Apple to get more space for an improved battery. Battery life is getting much deserved attention this year with increased focus on software utilizing battery power and hardware to provide ample juice to tablets and smartphones.iPad Air 2 images

According to MacRumors, iFixit claims that this display integration with front panel could result in increased repair cost. However, Apple has never focused on ease of repairability of its products. This could be a way of Apple uniforming the manufacturing process as iPhones and new breed of MacBooks already use integrated displays to maintain the thin design. leaked iPad Air 2 images

While the authority of these leaked iPad Air 2 images is uncertain, Kyle Wiens from iFixit notes that this assembly could indeed be legitimate using the similar manufacturing process as of Retina MacBook Pro. The next gen iPad Air is rumored to be powered by an A8 processor, featuring Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and an improved 8MP camera. iPad Air 2 will be launched with iOS 8 pre-installed.

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