Here is How iOS 8 Looks Like on iPhone 5s – Leaked Images

Leaked iOS 8 images on iPhone 5s:

Recent reports indicate that Apple has geared up its internal testing of iOS 8 making it ready for Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June. This new set of leaked iOS 8 images show how the next iOS iteration would look like on an iPhone 5s!textedit preview iOS 8 leaks

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As we have been talking about how Apple is focusing more on new features and apps to be introduced with iOS 8, and not much on looks, the images confirm the same speculations too. After radically changing the looks of iOS with iOS 7 release last year, Apple will certainly not like to go ahead with another major design overhaul as users are still getting used to the iOS 7 looks. Apple itself keeps updating and improving the iOS 7 experience matching it with users' feedback and qualms with certain iOS 7 features.

This year, with an increased focus on stock applications, Apple is working on a fitness app named Healthbook which is also shown in these leaked iOS 8 images. Looking at the rumors and leaks of iOS 8 so far, seems like the primary focus this time is on this fitness Healthbook app. Following Samsung's focus on fitness conscious fraternity with Galaxy S5, Apple is ready to tap in that market with its feature-packed Healthbook app.

iOS 8 images also show a dedicated iTunes Radio app icon on the Home screen. Here are the leaked iOS 8 images:


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