Finally We’ll be Able Charge up Our Smartphones in 30 seconds!

Charge phone in 30 seconds - possible?

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Now that brings to us to the question, why to make smartphones tinier and lighter while not working on their battery power that much? While all the tech companies are trying to speed up and give us some software options (Samsung seemed to have introduced bigger batteries this time with Galaxy S5) of tweaking our smartphone to make the batteries retain the juice for a little more, we have seen everything but some meaningful leap towards better, faster chargers. Seems like, our pleas have been answered by just another start-up!

A new video has come aboard the internet from an Israeli start-up called StoreDot. The video demonstrates how you can charge phone in 30 seconds. This charge phone in 30 seconds video shows a Samsung device in the demo, however, the charger would be used with iPhones as well! The technology was earlier unveiled at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv.

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The start up claims that the flash battery charger to charge phone in 30 seconds will not be magnanimously charged, but only twice as expensive when compared to the current cost of chargers. StoreDot plans to produce these flash chargers for other smartphones as well. Although start-up is focusing its flash charger for smartphones, once they are out, producing chargers for computers hopefully won't take long too.

StoreDot start-up was born our of nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University and has developed its first prototype for Samsung Galaxy S4, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the Journal, these flash chargers won't go into production until 2016 - quite a long wait!

Flash Charger - StoreDot demo:

Source: WSJ

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