Apple Starts Signing Firmware All the Way Back to iOS 6.1.3 Up till iOS 11.2 – Downgrade Now if You Want to Jailbreak! [Update: No Longer Being Signed]

Uzair Ghani

This is kinda weird. Apple just (probably accidentally) started signing firmware for iPhones and iPads going all the way back to iOS 6. This is a brilliant opportunity for jailbreakers to go back to older firmware if they are looking to liberate their devices.

Apple Probably Goofed up and Started Signing Older Firmware for Devices - But it's a Brilliant Opportunity for Jailbreakers

In an interesting turn of events, Apple has started to sign older firmware for its lineup of devices. At this point in time, it's absolutely unknown whether this move was intentional or not. But given how quickly Apple closes the signing window for firmware, it's highly likely this move might be a huge glitch on Apple's part. Nonetheless, it's a brilliant opportunity for anyone who might want to downgrade, regardless of the device you have.

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If you have an iPhone 5, you can downgrade the device all the way to iOS 6 right now - iOS 6.1.3 to be more precise. iPhone 6 users can go back to iOS 10 and jailbreak too. Same goes for iPhone 7 users. But since iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X ship with iOS 11 out of the box, therefore there is not much charm for you in this. Sorry.

I highly suggest that you go ahead and start downloading the firmware right now for your device if you are planning to downgrade. Do keep one thing in mind though: the downgrade process will erase everything off your device, therefore make a backup of everything in a safe and secure location beforehand.

Head over to the links below and start downloading!

Thi is an extremely limited time window which will be closed any time now. There's also a chance the window is done and dusted the moment this post goes live. We will update our readers if there are any changes.

Update: Apple has stopped signing the older firmware. It was fun while it lasted.

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