Not Two But Three iPhone 7 Variants Expected; A10 Enters Trial Production Run

With the launch of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple finally got to do away with the design language of the eight generation iPhone lineup. The devices followed the iPod Touch 5g in overall design language and structure, with minimal changes being made to separate the two product lineups. That being said, quite a bit of eyes are now on the iPhone 7 and an alleged iPhone 7 Pro, with both the devices expected to deliver on the mantra of change which the Cupertino manufacturer has built itself upon.

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Apple Now Rumored To Have Three iPhones Under The Works With A10 Having Started Trial Production Runs

As we're done with the first quarter of this year, things have started to slow down in the smartphone world. With all major gadget launches for 2016 being done with, save the HTC 10, we've been hearing plenty about the smartphone upgrades expected from Apple later this year, with some interesting changes surfacing here and there.

So far, word on the street suggests the iPhone to come with a potential display upgrade; in terms of both screen resolution and build materials, as Apple's primary manufacturing partner in the East, Foxconn starts to make some investments. The Hon Hai Precision group has been collaborating with Japanese display maker SHARP, with the two also allegedly starting to establish manufacturing plants in China.

While the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Pro might be rumored to come with display upgrades on board, today's news, coming allegedly from Apple's supply chain sources claims that production for the devices has started to take place. Both TSMC and Samsung have started production runs for the A10 and the power amplifier for the smartphones, so things do seem to be heading in a good direction at Apple.


In fact, not only have the company's component partners commenced production for this year's flagship lineup, but today's claims for the iPhone add some rather interesting details into the mix. According to sources, we'll be getting three iPhones this year, with the much talked about dual camera sensor making it on board a third variant, marking yet another alleged strong change in the iPhone lineup.

The reason that we won't be getting to see the iPhone adopt a dual camera sensor on a mass scale is that Apple's allegedly facing production constraints w.r.t the component. While that does strike the eye at first glance, it would be relevant to note at this point that most of the information out right now is purely speculation. While you should expect some concrete changes on the iPhone this year, we'd advise you to wait for a month or more until things start to heat up once again.

The changes talked about so far do paint a good picture for the devices, regardless of whether Apple launches two or three devices. We're eager to see more surface about their design details, as that's expected to be the focus of this year's launch from Cupertino. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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