HTC 10 Price Tag Leak That Shows Company Is Not Following An Effective Strategy

Omar Sohail

HTC 10 is expected to be announced this April, but we are afraid that the company’s current pricing strategy might be leading to its doom.


HTC 10 Carries A Huge Price Tag At A Romanian Retailer Website

Despite the fact that HTC 10 is able to produce one of the most attractively designed Android smartphones on the planet, the one thing it is not focusing on is the pricing of its handsets. Before we get to the pricing details, let us speak about the hardware specifications first. HTC 10 is expected to sport a Snapdragon 820, which has a dual-core 2.15GHz and a dual-core 1.6GHz Kryo configuration and the SoC has been manufactured on the 14nm FinFET LPP process. In short, you will be experiencing a ton of performance and energy efficiency from the upcoming handset.

In fact, we are confident that the overall performance is not going to slow down on account of the smartphone sporting a QHD display, or in other words, a 1440p display. HTC has limited its high-end devices from being incorporated with a 1440p resolution, but looking at the rise of other devices rocking a 2K resolution, looks the Taiwanese manufacturer has also given in. Apart from looking pleasing to the naked eye, that is if you pay that much attention, having a 2K display on a smartphone or tablet screen will drain your rapidly; even more so if you are engaged in running intensive mobile gaming apps on it.


Let us hope that HTC 10 comes with a beefy sized battery otherwise it does not seem like future consumers will be getting a whole lot of screen on time with the smartphone. The biggest problem that we have had with HTC so far is with their pricing strategy. Sure, their build quality of devices are without question one of the best that we have seen in high-end flagships, but very rarely do you see consumers hypnotized by build qualities and more towards the pricing of the device.


As for the price present on the Romanian retailer, HTC 10 features a huge tag of $840 (when converted of course), leading us to believe that the company’s pricing strategy is exactly what is going to be causing its downfall in the foreseeable future. However, before we quickly jump to conclusions, we have to realize that due to global conversion rates, the price of HTC 10 is going to be higher or lower depending on the region you live in, so let us hope that areas which have embraced smartphones ubiquitously also accept the upcoming smartphone in the same manner as they have with other devices.


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