Fresh iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Pro Rumors Claim 256GB Of Internal Storage For September


After things started to speed up quite when around Apple's launch event last month, we've seen the rumor mill go silent for quite a while now, with little news surfacing about any devices or gadgets. After all, almost all major manufacturers from both ends of the smartphone world are done with their launches for the first half of 2016, save HTC, whose expected to launch the HTC 10 later this month. That being said, the iPhone 7 has been a regular part of the rumor mill, despite the fact that it'll most likely be launched by Apple in September. Today, we've got some more news for you that should keep things nice and interesting for the upcoming 5 months, so head over below to find out more.

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The iPhone 7 Expected To Sport 256GB Of Internal Storage; No 16 GB Variant?

With Apple's 'Let Us Loop You In' event last month, we saw the Cupertino tech giant take a more focused approach towards its product lineup. Not only did the 4 inch iPhone SE, a device which had been in the rumor mill ever since the company chose to increase screen size on its flagship smartphone lineup, see the light of the day, but we also saw a smaller, albeit under-clocked, 9.7 inch iPad Pro launched as well.

In addition to the devices above, we also saw a much needed 256GB storage upgrade for the iPad as well; something which should make things easier for a lot of users choosing to rely on the tablet for their enterprise needs. Now, after the iPad, a lot of folks started to speculate that we might see a similar upgrade on the iPhone lineup as well in September. Today, some news straight out of China looks to confirm this as well.

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Before we get into the details of this storage upgrade, it would be relevant to make a brief recap of what we've been hearing about the iPhone 7 so far. The device is allegedly expected to come with two variants as usual, with the larger device to be dubbed as the iPhone 7 Pro. Its expected to differentiate from its predecessor on several accounts, the most interesting of which is a dual camera setup, set to make photography on Apple's smartphone lineup even better.

Now, should Apple choose to introduce 256GB to the iPhone 7, or most likely the iPhone 7 Pro, then we could see some renewed interest in the company's flagship smartphone lineup this year around. Such a storage option would mean that users will have ample space to use their devices, particularly the dual camera to the fullest extent, though of course you shouldn't expect the corresponding price tag to be any lighter on the pocket either.

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