32GB Base iPhone 7 To Come With $549 Price Tag Claim Quarters;16GB To Be Discontinued On Lineup

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As we end July and enter in August, a rough picture has emerged about the iPhone 7. The device is expected to come with a more sleeker design and hardware overhauls. These include redesigned antenna bands and camera upgrades. Today, some more alleged pricing details have surfaced. You can take a look at them below.

iPhone 7 Pricing Rumors Once Again Claim Base Storage As 32GB

As the iPhone evolves, Apple's started to pay more attention at the software front. Cupertino's been very busy expanding its scope of services in software. Room for customization in hardware is limited by physical progression. Software, on the other hand is less constrained. This has resulted in greater app sizes over time. With the iPhone 7, Apple should finally cave in to yet another popular user demand.

Earlier rumors have made a myriad of claims for the iPhone 7. These provide for a total of nine variants. The starting storage price point was $792 (5800¥) for the device. The iPhone 7 Pro, with 256GB storage was expected to sell for $1360 (8888¥). These provided a more offhanded approach, especially with carrier plans. Today's information sounds a bit more plausible. However, as is with the rumor mill generally, we'd advise a healthy dosage of salt.


Looks like Apple might finally be discontinuing the 16GB iPhone. Eastern sources now claim that the 32GB iPhone 7 will come with a price tag of $549. This will be the base model for the lineup. A $100 cut will serve attract a lot of customers for upgrades. Furthermore, rumors suggest that internal costs are also being cut down at Apple. It's more about numbers at this point, as a product with the iPhone's potential still lacks on the company's portfolio. Cupertino's also expecting 200 million units to be shipped this year.

The iPhone 7 won't be defined in terms of major upgrades this year, by the gist of things. It'll come with the usual host of performance, design and camera upgrades to last another launch cycle. With 32GB being as the base storage, Apple should be able to entice quite a bit of users to upgrade. It's tendency to kill old devices through software will also encourage this. Plus, future iOS upgrades shouldn't decrease storage sizes either. We're still waiting on more for the iPhone 8. Critical upgrades, including design, are rumored for next year after all. Will you upgrade your iPhone if today's news is correct? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.



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