iPhone 12 Pro Max May Help Apple Ship up to 80 Million New Models for 2020 Due to Expected High Demand

iPhone 12 Pro Max May Help Apple Ship up to 80 Million New Models for 2020 Due to Expected High Demand

With demand for larger screen smartphones on the rise, a new report places emphasis on how the iPhone 12 Pro Max would play a huge role in helping Apple reach a new shipment milestone for the number of new iPhone models sold in a single year.

A previous estimate from DigiTimes states that Apple is expected to ship up to 68 million new iPhones for 2020, while Bloomberg believes the technology giant will be able to ship 75 million units. However, a new report believes that there’s a possibility Apple ships up to 80 million units, making it a new milestone, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

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Despite the Expected Rise in Demand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max Might Still Be Delayed for Customers

A note detailed by Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives was spotted by AppleInsider, with information concerning strong demand for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

“We continue to believe the line in the sand a few months ago was between 65 million to 70 million 5G iPhone 12 units and now has moved into the 75 million+ range with 80 million a stretch goal.”

In fact, Ives mentioned previously that the iPhone 12 launch was a ‘once in a decade’ opportunity for Apple, calling it the most significant launch since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiling. Unfortunately, Apple’s success might be getting hampered due to unnecessary delays. Even though the company has announced its September 15 virtual event, a different report believes that no iPhone 12 family will be unveiled at the aforementioned date.

In fact, even a leaked promo email hints that the iPhone 12 will launch in October, suggesting that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will arrive late to the market, putting Apple’s large shipment tally at risk of being unable to reach the desired figure. Of course, Apple will most likely have kept in touch with its supply chain and retail networks to be prepared for an influx of demand and it’s probably doing its level best to make sure that customers can get their hands on the latest models as quickly as possible, iPhone 12 Pro Max included.

Do you think the phablet-sized flagship could truly help Apple reach up to 80 million shipments of the newer models in 2020? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: AppleInsider

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