iPhone 12 Lineup Will Be the Most Significant Since the iPhone 6 Launch in 2014, Claims Latest Report

iPhone 12 Lineup Will Be the Most Significant Since the iPhone 6 Launch in 2014, Claims Latest Report

There’s no denying that in many ways, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were two of the most important launches for Apple in the smartphone market, and according to the latest report, it appears that the iPhone 12 will be just as important, if not more.

One Analyst Claims That the iPhone 12 Launch Could Be a Defining Chapter in Apple’s Growth

According to Wedbush’s lead analyst, Daniel Ives states that with four iPhone 12 models expected later this year, around 350 million iPhones worldwide out of the 950 million are in an upgrade window, leading to a ‘supercycle’ which Ives claims is a ‘once in a decade’ opportunity for Apple. Since Apple will be targeting multiple customers thanks to a diversified iPhone lineup with different pricing brackets, the technology giant will be able to home in on more regions and attract a wider customer base.

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Additionally, shortly after the iPhone 12 launch, Apple will go about its usual business in reducing or discontinuing some iPhone models. While Apple hasn’t confirmed the following, the 2020 iPhone SE might start from $349, the iPhone XR might either start from $499 or get discontinued immediately, while the iPhone 11 is rumored to start from $549.

The new iPhone 12 lineup will reportedly start from $699 for the base storage model, so even if customers don’t find the aforementioned price appealing, the indirect effect of the launch could compel customers to pick up a previous-generation model for a cheaper price. Other reports indicate that growing demand for 5G-ready smartphones could help Apple maintain a strong position in the market, while we believe that the competitive pricing of the iPhone 12 family could attract more customers towards it.

We say competitive because companies like Samsung have launched base Galaxy S20 models at $999, so looking at this comparison, the iPhone 12 looks like a compelling option, even for die-hard Android users. Do you agree with the analyst, or are you of the opinion that the iPhone 12 isn’t going to be all that it’s hyped up to be? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: AppleInsider

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