iPhone 12 Box With a Low-Profile Packaging Bundled With Just USB Cable and Paperwork Shown in Fresh Concept

Omar Sohail
iPhone 12 Box Shows a Low-Profile Packaging With Just USB Cable and Paperwork in Fresh Concept

Apple may be on its way to remove both the charger and wired EarPods from the iPhone 12 packaging, at least according to a series of reports and rumors. There was also a leak, alleging that the iPhone 12’s inner box would have a low profile since the removal of the charging port and wired EarPods would save a lot more space. Now based on that low profile packaging, some concept images showing how the iPhone 12 would fit in that box have been shared, so let us take a look.

The series of images were part of a video shared by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, where a number of leaks and rumors were all summarized in a single video. These images show how the iPhone 12 would fit in the box, which also shows Apple bundling just a single USB cable, along with some paperwork, some stickers and that’s it. The design of the model can also be seen and based on previous rumors suggesting that the iPhone 12 would take inspiration from the iPad Pro, you can see flatter edges, which would make the device easier to hold.

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Alongside Apple, Samsung is also rumored to get rid of the charger in some smartphone models, and since the company ships millions of chargers in a period of 12 months, it would add unnecessary waste to the environment since chances are you’ll probably be using your existing charger and not the one that Samsung provided.

Regardless, we reckon it’s high time that we get used to seeing future handsets without such accessories, and if you liked these concept images then make sure to check out the entire clip below to get to know more about the iPhone 12.

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News Source: YouTube (EverythingApplePro)

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