iPhone 12 Will Not Ship with Headphones or 20W Charger, Confirms Kuo


It seems all but confirmed that Apple will not include wired headphones or a charger with iPhone 12. This bit of confirmation comes from a research note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a renowned analyst and is mostly accurate with his predictions on all matters concerning Apple's supply chain.

It has been a few days of back and forth with various sources claiming that Apple plans to get rid of the bundled wired EarPods and charger from the iPhone 12 package. As much as we want to believe that Apple would not do something so ridiculous, the claim has been backed up many people, since Ming-Chi Kuo first reported this back in March 2020:

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The common reason for not including EarPods with any of the iPhone 12 models seems to be that Apple wants to sell more AirPods. For sometime, the company was unable to meet the market demand for AirPods, because it was selling so many of them, so it is unclear how they expect people to react positively and buy more of them. The only good outlook from this would be if Apple somehow bundles AirPods instead of EarPods, but that is just wishful thinking. No smartphone company has yet bundled true wireless headphones with their $1,000 flagship models.

Kuo's research note mentions that Apple will end production of all 5W and 18W chargers this year and will sell a 20W charger as an optional accessory. Apple ships its 5W and 12W chargers for iPad, Apple Watch and older iPhone models, so it does not make sense why the company would consider ending production for them.

Kuo claims that Apple will unbundle all accessories because iPhone 12's production costs will be higher due to 5G components. To keep the price at the same level as iPhone 11, or slightly lower, the company plans to reduce costs by removing essential accessories such as a charger and EarPods.

There are also those who claim that Apple will unbundle accessories because it wants to reduce its CO2 footprint and e-waste, to help the environment. Make of that what you will.

If you thought removing the headphone jack was 'courageous', how about this? We still hope that this rumor turns out to be incorrect as it does not benefit customers in anyway at all.