iPhone 12 Pro Max in Premium Gold Finish Sits Next to Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in Almost Realistic Concept


Just recently, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze came into the spotlight, revealing that Samsung is working on this attractive finish. However, how appealing would it look when stacked next to a gold iPhone 12 Pro Max? Looks like this concept will reveal the answer to that.

Gold iPhone 12 Pro Max Sports Flatter Edges While the Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Is Rocking a Curved Display

This almost-realistic concept was shared by Aziz Ghaus, who goes by the Twitter handle Smazizg and it shows the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra placed right next to each other. Though Ghaus states in a series of Twitter hashtags that it’s the iPhone 12 Pro, we’re calling it the iPhone 12 Pro Max because it’s nearly the same size as the Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which by itself is said to sport a massive display.

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We have to say, both flagships look absolutely stellar in their respective finishes, though we’re more inclined towards the Mystic Bronze finish as it looks thoroughly unique. However, we appreciate the flat edges and rounded corners of the iPhone 12 Pro Max because we feel that this design change will make the flagship much easier to hold. To remind you, This year’s iPhone 12 series’ design is expected to take inspiration from the new iPad Pro, which is why you’re seeing similarities with Apple’s premium tablet lineup in this concept.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand, looks like it has much curvier bezels than its predecessors. From a design aspect, that’s actually an upgrade but practically, we don’t know how much of an encumbrance it will be for users when it comes to holding the darn thing. Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is nowhere near a compact handset, so we’ll see just how grippy or slippery the flagship is when Samsung announces it during its online Unpacked event.

Ghaus also mentions that there will be more concepts like the one you’re seeing so stay tuned and we’ll provide more details on them in the future.

News Source: Twitter (smazizg)