New iMac Design Takes Inspiration From Apple’s Pro Display XDR in Latest Concept and Sports Much Slimmer Bezels


Let us just say that by today’s standards, Apple’s current iMac design looks dated. Sure, there’s nothing like this on the market right now, but you have to admit that there’s that little bit of tweaking the company could do to make it look unbelievably futuristic. Well, it looks like we have the solution to that and it’s all thanks to the latest concept. Simply stated, the Pro Display XDR design was inspired to make it and with a few adjustments, all the hardware got crammed inside rather easily, as you’ll soon see.

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If there are two people we should thank for this beautiful iMac concept, it’s Viktor Kádár and Patrik Borgatai. Featuring a boxier look that clearly looks like it was inspired by the Pro Display XDR, the new iMac design certainly looks a lot more ‘timeless’ here. The slimmer bezels look great, although there’s a noticeable chin we assume that was needed because an Apple logo has to be at the front somehow.

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The new iMac design also sports Apple’s $999 Pro Stand, though the chassis of the display is a little thicker and after browsing through the images, we understood why. It turns out that the thickness of the new iMac needed to be increased in order to improve cooling. What we like about this concept is that the two designers decided to think like Apple. They made an adequate number of cutouts for cooling purposes, but they aren’t intended to be noticed by the user once they are facing the display directly, giving the illusion of a cleaner and powerful machine.

It’s a well-thought-out approach and not just this, but the cooler itself features upgradeable components, just like the iMac Pro. Unfortunately, we’re assuming that it will be an arduous task disassembling it to upgrade the RAM, and there looks to be only one M.2 PCIe NVMe storage slot, which is disappointing to see. One improvement seen in the new concept is the display size increases from 21.5 and 27 inches, to 24 and 29 inches, giving more real estate to the user.

Apple, we certainly hope you take a look at this concept and start having some bright ideas for your future iMac or iMac Pro design. There’s also a video of the concept given below if readers are interested, so take a look at everything and let us know what you think down in the comments.